All Boxed In

Packing is hard when you fall into a wormhole. Moving to Windsor in a few weeks and there are boxes everywhere. Big thanks to McDonald’s for all the boxes. Sabre loves to play in, on and around boxes which makes packing distracting. Might have to keep some of these for her to play and sleep in.



The Suspicious Barber

I need a haircut and Sabretooth is the best barber in town. When she’s not gouging eyes out. This is a three shot composite, the only thing I wished I had done differently is the scissors. I’m a perfectionist and while no one else will probably notice the scissors were shot upside down so the highlights are on the opposite sides than they should be.


I Need a Shave

I don’t really have an explanation for this, it just happened and it was hilarious. Sabre was a good sport and then ran in circles for 5 minutes after. Sabre is held up by my girlfriend Rachel who’s arms are inside of the shirt. It took many shots to get this just right.


Sick Weekend

I’ve had a cold all weekend so I haven’t been able to move much, thankfully my girlfriend Rachel took care of us. I thanked her by giving her the cold too. Sabre is one of those dogs who actually likes lying on her back. She’s a big goofball and pretty easy to move into any pose I want.


Ahoy Mateys!

Cap’n Sabre was afraid she was in for a bath, but it turned out much worse for her. I was in a bad mood all day but this helped me to cheer up. I encourage everyone to dress like a pirate with their dog! Sabre didn’t seem to mind the costume too much. It was more the constant fear of water coming from the tap.


How the Grinch Stole Easter

Thanks for ruining Easter! Parents, shield the eyes of your children! I bought this bunny for Sabre, and she’s always carrying it around by the carrot. Soon after this picture the bunny had to have the eyes taken off and sewed up because Sabre was chewing at them. She destroys all of her toys pretty quickly for such a small dog.


Lazy Sunday

One of Sabretooth’s favourite spots to sleep is on the back of the couch, is this normal dog behaviour? I’ve been rather lazy lately, here we are at our finest. She tends to pick the highest possible spot to sleep on whether it’s a pile of clothes, boxes or the back of the couch as shown here.